Museum digs up ancient Queensland stories in new publication

15 December 2015

In Search of Ancient Queensland Principal Authors Dr Alex Cook and Dr Andrew Rozefelds.

Queensland’s ancient past is revealed in a new book, In Search of Ancient Queensland, the first significant publication about the state’s geological and fossil history in 25 years.

The newly released Queensland Museum Discovery Guide tells a story through fascinating first-person insights into the state’s remarkable geological and natural heritage, and shines a light on the museum’s world-class fossil collection and research.

Using stunning imagery that connects modern day landscapes to Queensland ancient past, this book allows readers to create a real and visual connection to our geological past.

It’s a journey 250 million years in the making and gives readers real insight into how Queensland’s modern landscape was formed.

Queensland Museum Network Director and CEO Professor Suzanne Miller said the publication is uniquely Queensland and presents the information in a way that has never been done before.

In Search of Ancient Queensland gives readers a close-up look at our extraordinary geological and paleontological past and showcases the remarkable work of Queensland Museum scientists in exploring these stories and unearthing the fascinating history of our region,” she said.

“Queensland has a long and complex geological history, yet the authors have been able to present this information into an easy-to-read publication, complete with full colour pictures, which is sure to appeal to those with a keen interest in geology and palaeontology and ignite an interest in newcomers alike.”

The book also gives a first peek at new discoveries from around Queensland including areas such as the Tallebudgera Valley, Moranbah and North Queensland.

In Search of Ancient Queensland beautifully describes the ecological balance between geology and palaeontology, all accompanied by exquisite images that communicate the passion and excitement of those working in these fields.

Retailing at $39.95 for soft cover and $49.95 for hard cover, In Search of Ancient Queensland: A Queensland Museum Discovery Guide is available for purchase from the Queensland Museum & Sciencentre, Brisbane or online at

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