Schedule of fees

Please note: All fees are in AUD and inclusive of GST. Goods and Services purchased outside Australia do not attract GST. For overseas purchases subtract 10% to deduct GST. Usage fees are per image. Fees are subject to change without notice.

Photographic services

Description Fee (GST inclusive)
Studio Photography - per hour  $110 
Studio Photography - half day  $440 
Studio Photography - whole day (8 hour maximum)  $880 
Field Photography  Price on application 

Search fee

This fee applies if staff are required to locate, identify or select images on behalf of a client.

Description Fee (GST inclusive)
First half hour  Free 
Each hour thereafter  $110 

Prints (colour and B&W)

Description Fee (GST inclusive)
A5 (7” x5”)  $27.50 
A4 (10” x 8”)  $38.50 
A3 (16” x 12”)  $60.50 

Web usage (single use, one format)

Description Fee (GST inclusive)
Thumbnail (150 pixels along longest side at 72ppi)  $55 
Screen resolution (768 pixels along longest side at 72ppi)  $110 

Usage (Copyright and/or reproduction) fees for commercial print publications

Print run < 5000 Up to ¼ page (A6) Up to ½ page (A5) Full page (A4) Cover
Australia/one country $66  $88  $110  $264 
Europe  $88  $110  $132  $330 
US  $110  $132  $176  $363 
World  $132  $176  $220  $484 
Print run > 5000  Up to ¼ page (A6)  Up to ½ page (A5)  Full page (A4)  Cover 
Australia/one country  $110  $132  $176  $330 
Europe  $132  $176  $220  $363 
US  $176  $220  $330  $484 
World  $220  $330  $363  $528 

Reprints, Revised Editions and New Editions by the same publisher incur the same fee as above.

Images for print are supplied in digital format as a 300ppi RGB @ A4 tiff file. Other resolutions and file formats are available on request. Extra charges may apply.

For further information, or to enquire about our other products and usage, contact the Image Resource Officer via our Enquiry Form.

Image credit

It is a condition of usage that each image carries adjacent to it the following credit line:

© Queensland Museum, photographer name.

Delivery times & urgency fees

Requests are processed in order of receipt. Requests required within 24 hours attract an urgency fee of +40% of the order total. Payment of fees is required within 30 days of supply.


Description Fee (GST inclusive)
Regular Postage (within Australia, 2nd business day delivery)  $4.40 
Express Postage (within Australia, next day delivery)  $9.00 
Airmail  (outside Australia, 4-5 work day delivery)  $6.00 
Express Postage (outside Australia, 4 work days delivery)  $18.00 
Email  No charge 

Discount & waiver policy

The Queensland Museum reserves the right to apply a discount, or waive a fee in relation to specific requests. Organisations or individuals may request a discount, or waiver of fees on the following basis.

Non-commercial use by:

  • Educational institutions for educational purposes;
  • Cultural institutions for use in accordance with their founding legislation/mission statement;
  • Non-profit or community organisations for use in accordance with their mission statement and financial hardship;
  • Government departments and local councils;
  • Individuals or organisations in partnership with the Queensland Museum;
  • Individual financial hardship.

Waivers are limited to 20 images, after which an administration fee of $100 applies.

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