Memoirs of the Queensland Museum - Culture Volume 10

Transactions and Transformations: artefacts of the wet tropics, North Queensland

Edited by Shelley Greer, Rosita Henry, Russell McGregor and Michael Wood 

Available in hard copy from Queensland Museum 

Table of Contents – Published December 2016


Chapter title

Greer, S. Henry, R., McGregor, R. & Wood, M.

Aboriginal Artefacts, Collectors and the Wet Tropics: an introduction

McGregor, R.

Making the Rainforest Aboriginal: Tindale and Birdsell's foray into deep time

Buhrich, A., Goldfinch, F. & Greer, S.

Connections, Transactions and Rock Art within and beyond the Wet Tropics of North Queensland

McGregor, R. & Fuary, M.

Walter Edmund Roth: Ethnographic collector and Aboriginal Protector

Henry, R.

From Flame to Fame: Transformation of firesticks to art in North Queensland

Wood, M.

Dudley Bulmer's Artefacts as Autobiography

Erckenbrecht, C.

The Politics of Time: Hermann Klaatsch in the Wet Tropics and the fate of his ethnographic collection in Europe

Barnard, T.

Indigenised Souvenirs and Homewares in the Glenn Cooke Collection

Otto, T. & Hardy, D.

Transforming Artefacts into Digital Heritage: Developing interactive databases for use by Aboriginal communities