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Memoirs of the Queensland Museum - Culture Volume 8


Goemulgaw Lagal: Cultural and Natural Histories of the Island of Mabuyag, Torres Strait  Parts 1 & 2

Edited by Ian J. McNiven and Garrick Hitchcock

Hard copies available through the Museum shop

Table of Contents – Published April 2015 (Part 1) 



McNiven, I.J. & Hitchcock, G.

Introduction: Goemulgaw Lagal (7675 KB) pdf document icon

Fell, D.G. & Stanton, D.J.

The vegetation and flora of Mabuyag, Torres Strait, Queensland (15778 KB) pdf document icon

Watson, J.J. & Hitchcock, G.

The terrestrial vertebrate fauna of Mabuyag (Mabuiag Island) and adjacent islands, far north Queensland, Australia (7166 KB) pdf document icon

Von Gnielinski, F.

The geology of the Mabuyag Island Group and its part in the geological evolution of Torres Strait (20370 KB) pdf document icon

Philip, J.

KRAR: Nineteenth century turtle-shell masks from Mabuyag collected by Samuel McFarlane (13558 KB) pdf document icon

NcNiven, I.J.

Canoes of Mabuyag and Torres Strait (36667 KB) pdf document icon

Shnukal, A.

Nikolai Nikolaevich Miklouho-Maclay's five days on Mabuyag in 1880, 1898 (6922 KB) pdf document icon

Howes, H.

Between wealth and poverty: Otto Finsch on mabuyag, 1881 (5874 KB) pdf document icon

Herle, A., Philip, J. & Dudding, J.

Reactivating visual histories: Haddon's photographs from Mabuyag 1888, 1898 (17502 KB) pdf document icon

Fitzpatrick, J.

Eight decades on an island (17502 KB) pdf document icon

Neuenfeldt, K.

Sweet sounds of this place: contemporary recordings and socio-cultural uses of Mabuyag music (6994 KB) pdf document icon

Mitchell, R.


Ngalmun Lagaw Yangukudu: the language of our homeland (6245 KB) pdf document icon


Part 2 (Published in June 2015)

Sheehan, C.

Jean-Batptiste Despartmet's account of the wreck of the Pauline-et-Victoire, Kuyku Pad (Jervis Reef), Mabuyag, September 1858 (8700 KB) pdf document icon

Shnukal, A.

Aspects of early local administration, education, health and population on Mabuyag (13908 KB) pdf document icon

Shnukal, A.

A century of Christianity on Mabuyag (8299 KB) pdf document icon

Shnukal, A.

The LMS missionary B.T. Butcher on Mabuyag, 1905-1906 (6237 KB) pdf document icon

Shnukal, A.

Marine industries and Mabuyag, 1870-1980 (8045 KB) pdf document icon

Harris, D.R. & Ghaleb Kirgy, B.

Mabuyag (Torres Strait) in the mid-1980s: archaeological reconnaissance of the island and midden excavations at Goemu (10172 KB) pdf document icon

McNiven, I.J., Wright, D., Sutton, S., Weisler, M., Hocknull, S. & Stanisic, J.

Midden formation and marine specialisation at Goemu village, Mabuyag, Torres strait, before and after European contact (11207 KB) pdf document icon

Wright, D. & Jacobsen, G.

Convergence of ceremonial and secular: The archaeology of Dabangay village on Mabuyag in Western Torres Strait (7797 KB) pdf document icon

Brady, L.M.

Rock-art from the Mabuyag Islands, Zenadh Kes (Torres Strait) (9619 KB) pdf document icon

Gesner, P. & Hitchcock, G.

Two nineteenth century copper ingots from waters off Mabuyag, Torres Strait (7801 KB) pdf document icon