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Memoirs of the Queensland Museum - Culture Volume 2

Volume 2 parts 1 & 2

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Table of Contents

 Part 1 - Published 3 June 2000



 Gesner, P.

HMS Pandora project - a report on stage 1: five seasons of excavation

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 Campbell, J. & Gesner, P.

Illustrated catalogue of artifacts from the HMS Pandora wrecksite excavations 1977 - 1995
Part 1 (6070 KB) pdf document icon | Part 2 (7211 KB) pdf document icon

Part 2 - Published 31 May 2002



McConnel, K.

The people's stories: Queensland and Federation

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 Menghetti, D.


The motherlode of Yes votes: gold and the Queensland referendum

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 Evans, R.

 White citizenship: nationhood and race at Federation

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 Kennedy, K. Giffney, S. & Vaughan, J.

 'Once a jolly flagman': the 1901 Townsville flag controversy

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 Lillie, M.R.

 Lady Lamington and the year of left-hand gloves

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 Cross, M.

Queensland's first federal election

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 Young, P.


Emma Miller and the campaign for women's suffrage in Queensland, 1894-1905

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 Thearle, J.

 Public health issues in Queensland, 1901-1905

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 Campbell, J.

1901: the first year of Queensland's Itinerant Teaching Service

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 Kowald, M.

Queensland police at the turn of the century

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 Morris, A.J.H.


The trial of the Kenniff brothers: 'Australia's last bushrangers' 

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