Meet our Curator: Jeff Johnson

Get up close with items from our collection and discover fascinating facts about the poisonous and venomous fish in our waters with Ichthyologist Jeff Johnson. 

When: Wednesday 19 January 2021

Where: Discovery Centre, Level 4

Time: 1pm - 2pm

Cost: Free

Meet our Curator talks are informal show-and-tell style discussions held at the Discovery Centre on Level 4 of the museum. This is your opportunity to chat to museum experts including curators, collection managers and information officers. Ask them your burning questions and walk away having learnt something new.

About Jeff

Jeff oversees the Queensland Museum Ichthyology (Fish) Collection and associated database, which includes about 40,000 lots of preserved fishes from all over the world. Jeff provides a fish identification advisory service to the public, scientific community, government and consultants. The Queensland Museum’s collections aim to represent the 2,700+ fish species known to live in Queensland waters. Jeff’s research interests are the taxonomy and biogeography of Australian marine fishes and he specialises in documenting diversity among the families Aploactinidae (velvetfishes) and Pinguipedidae (sandperches).  

Event Details

19 January 2022, 01:00 PM - 02:00 PM
Level 4 Discovery Centre