Opening September 2023

Insects are everywhere, in a mind-blowing diversity of shapes, colours and species.

This brand new exhibition, developed by Queensland Museum, will explore the surprising variety of ways insects do good - for the planet and humanity. 

From maintaining healthy ecosystems, pollinating our crops, to providing inspiration for new technologies, they are six-legged superheroes.

This exhibition will also coincide with the centenary celebrations of the Entomological Society of Queensland, Australia’s oldest society devoted to the study of insects.

Get up-close and personal with insects at Queensland Museum in September 2023.


L: Male Richmond Birdwing butterfly, Ornithoptera richmondia; R: A jewel beetle, Pseudotaenia frenchi
© Queensland Museum, Geoff Thompson


School and Group Visitors

Register your interest for visiting as a school or children’s group by emailing or by phoning 3153 4401.

Image (top) Scales on the upper surface of the forewing of a male Richmond Birdwing butterfly, Ornithoptera richmondia
© Queensland Museum, Geoff Thompson, Lily Kumpe


This exhibition is supported by the Entomological Society of Queensland. 

Event Details

15 September 2023 - 06 May 2024
Level 2 Exhibition Space

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