Energy and You

What things have you done today that used energy?

If you have switched on a light, cooked food, caught a bus, had a shower or phoned a friend, you have used energy. Even our bodies need energy to make them function. And the food we eat needs energy to get to us as well with the farmer and the transport company using energy to grow your food and transport it to the shops.

We use energy in our everyday life. You have a choice about how you use energy and these choices have consequences for our sustainable future.

Get informed and make choices so you can reduce your energy use and maintain a comfortable lifestyle. 

10 Things you can do!

You have the power to use less energy and create a more sustainable future.
1. Use ceiling fans instead of air conditioners.
2. Have shorter showers - you'll save water as well as energy.
3. Turn off the light when you leave the room and use energy efficient light globes.
4. Turn off your computer and monitor at the wall when you are not using it.
5. Fill the dishwasher before turning it on.
6. Put cans, paper, glass and plastic in the recycle bin.
7. Close curtains and blinds during the day to keep the heat out.
8. Cycle or walk short distances instead of hopping in the car.
9. Use buses, trains and ferries instead of driving.
10. Buy local, in-season produce. It will reduce energy needed for storage and transportation.