Energy action

T-RexVisit the Dinosaur Garden to post your energy saving ideas on the Energy Action Wall. Read what actions other visitors have committed to. Imagine if we all made choices for a more sustainable future. 

Create a sustainable future

Get informed

  • Give your home an energy audit:
    • What appliances do you have and how do you use them?
    • Where and how do you use electricity?
    • Where and how do you obtain your food?
    • What else should you consider
  • Find out how you can become more energy efficient.
  • How is your electricity created? Are there greener options you can take?
  • Find out about government or council energy initiatives you can tap into.
  • Check out public transport options, bike paths and shower and change facilities at work and school.

Make a choice

  • Choose '10 Things You Can Do!' to reduce energy consumption on a daily or weekly basis.
  • List '3 Big Goals' for the year eg switching to green power or shopping at local markets.
  • Reflect on all the information you have gathered in readiness to vote - on a household decision, a work or school committee, local, state or federal election.

Act now

  • Start acting on your '10 Things You Can Do!' list and your '3 Big Goals' today.
  • Make a plan to review these choices every year.
  • Stay up to date with energy related information.

Tell others

  • Discuss your information and decisions with others. Challenge them to make choices that will create a sustainable future.



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