Learning resources for the Dinosaur Garden


The Dinosaur Garden is a fun hands-on space where students can explore energy in their world. The exhibition is in three sections:
• Energy and You
• Dinosaurs
• Dancing Dino Shadow Show

Energy and You

Students focus on energy use in their everyday lives. Students will develop an understanding that:

  • They use energy everyday.
  • They can make choices about their energy use.
  • Their energy use choices have consequences for a sustainable future.

Themes covered within Energy and You are:

  • Food energy for me
    • Students choose different foods to give them enough energy to do certain activities. Different foods give different amounts of energy.
  • Energy on the move
    • There are many different ways to get around. Students predict which type of transport is the most energy efficient and compare to results.
  • Ride the energy bike
    • Different appliances use different amounts of energy. Students pedal the bikes to generate electricity and try to power each appliance. Students compare how much more energy they need to power certain appliances.
  • Energy hungry
    • Students predict how much energy different appliances use and compare to the results.
  • Balance your home energy
    • Students choose which appliances they use during ‘peak period’ and discover if they are low or extreme energy users. Students can make new choices to reduce their energy use.
  • Is it electric?
    • Students group things based on what uses electricity and what doesn’t. Suitable for Prep to Year three.
  • Energy action wall
    • Students suggest their own ideas for reducing energy use. Students can commit to this action by posting their ideas on the wall. 

To extend your student learning experience download our new teacher and student resource, which includes links to the Australian Curriculum:


This theme is centred around our much loved T-rex and Triceratops. Students discover how these dinosaurs lived, moved and the food they ate to get energy for their bodies. Other themes to explore in this space are: Triassic Queensland, Plant Detective, Ruling Reptiles, Dinosaur eggs and hatchlings and Dinosaur footprints.

Dancing Dino Shadow Show

This space provides an opportunity for school groups to dance and sing along together. Four big TV screens project up fun songs about a dangerous Velociraptor, a Sleepy Stegosaurus, a Tyrannosaurus Rex and more. With easy words and simple dance moves, every student can get in on the act. 

 Visiting as a group

  • Entry is FREE.
  • The Dinosaur Garden is an exhibition space as well as a great space to rest and have morning tea or lunch. Allow time in your visit for exploration of this exhibition space. After refuelling, burn off some energy playing, learning, dancing and singing.

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