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Wild State highlights Queensland’s amazing array of diverse habitats and unpacks why this state has such a huge diversity of animals. As you enter the gallery, on show are the five major types of habitats in Queensland: Arid Outback, Open Forest, Rainforest, Coastal, and Marine. These habitats are ancient, unique and are highly vulnerable. They are shaped by a number of forces - with the availability and movement of water being the pivotal force.

To survive, animals have adapted to these diverse habitats and this has given rise to the huge biodiversity in Queensland. Queensland is Australia’s most biodiverse state. Within each habitat in the exhibition, there will be a showcase of animal specimens, images, interactives and multimedia.

The following questions may be useful in stimulating learning discussions:

  • Why does Queensland have such a huge diversity of animals?
  • How have animals adapted to survive in their habitat?
  • What is the role of water in shaping these habitats?
  • How do humans impact on these habitats and ultimately the animals that live there? 
  • What is the role of scientists and the community in relation to our natural world?

Visiting as a group

This exhibition is recommended for students in years 3 – 12. Younger students will also be drawn to the diversity of animals on show. Please enter in small groups. Student preparation prior to entry is recommended.

Entry to this gallery is FREE.

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Teacher Resource

The Wild State Teacher Resource (1485 KB) pdf document icon (PDF) contains an overview of the gallery, key teaching points for each habitat, a glossary and curriculum links. 

Curriculum links

This gallery supports components of the Australian Curriculum particularly in the F-10 Science, Senior Biology, Environmental Science and Geography learning areas.

See the Wild State Teacher Resource for a summary of the Science Curriculum links.

Visit Wild State Curriculum for detailed links for Science, Biology, Environmental Science and Geography.

Programs and Learning Resources

Enhance your Wild State learning with programs and resources for before, during and after a visit to the gallery. These include onsite, museum-led school programs, loans kits for use in your classroom, downloadable resources and units of work.

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