Programs and Resources

Enhance your Wild State learning with programs and resources for before, during and after a visit to the gallery.

Queensland Museum Loans

Loans kits are available for your school. These kits contain specimens, information cards and links to learning resources. A number of kits focus on habitats, adaptations, pests and threats and survival. Visit QM Loans and search by curriculum link, year level or by topic.

Museum-led School Programs

Designed to enrich and extend the learning outcomes from your visit to Wild State, these school programs are developed specifically to support the Australian Curriculum.

Online Learning Resources

There are a number of online learning resources that explore habitats, biodiversity, adaptations, survival, threats and needs of living things. Below are a sample of relevant resources.

Wild Backyards
This resource is developed to assist teachers in biodiversity assessments, insect collection, digital story making and observation of wildlife in the local area. Resource includes user guide, videos, worksheets and more. Elements suitable for year 4 - 12.

Adaptations (1336 KB) pdf document icon
This unit focuses on the adaptations of organisms and is linked to the Australian Science Curriculum. It covers a term teaching unit with teacher notes, lesson plans, student worksheets, and assessment instruments.

Biodiscovery and the Great Barrier Reef
This resource focuses on biodiscovery, factors affecting the survival of reef organisms and the impacts of human activities on the reef. Packed with information, images, videos, games and quizzes, including an extensive Teacher Resource Booklet (2423 KB) pdf document icon with activities, structured discussions, investigations, projects, criteria sheets and many more resources. Elements suitable for year 6 - 12.

Mangrove Challenge
Discover what Queensland Museum scientists know about threats to Water Mouse survival. Explore habitats, threats, and food sources and gain access to resources for a local area study.  This unusual mouse could live in mangroves near you. But can it be saved from extinction? That's the Mangrove Challenge. Elements suitable for year 4 - 12.

Feeding relationships
A worksheet (108 KB) pdf document icon which examines the feeding relationships of Australian animals. Suitable for year 5, 7 and 9.

Animal Survivor (1356 KB) pdf document icon
Analyse the features of an animal and relate them to its survival success. Students then engineer new features for the animal to increase its chance of survival and future success within its environment. Students also make predictions about how the animal may survive if conditions were to change. Suitable for year 5, 6 and 9.

Fact sheets 
Browse through our large number of facts sheets designed to give you further information about Queensland animals. Select Fact sheets from the category.

Other Relevant Programs and Resources

Future Makers Teacher Resources

Future Makers has developed a series of videos that are mapped to aspects of the Science Australian Curriculum. The following videos support learning and concepts explored within ​Wild State​:

Browse our publications available online and for purchase.

There are two Field Guide apps available for download, including the Queensland Museum Network Field Guide to Queensland Fauna and Coastal Life of South East Queensland. These apps provide users with detailed descriptions of over  500 species of animals and plants, and are refined and updated over time.