Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultures

Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples enjoy diverse and living cultures. Communities vary according to geographic location, environment and resources - each having their own unique cultural practices, languages, beliefs, knowledge systems and material cultures.  
Torres Strait Islanders, wherever they live, call the islands of the Torres Strait home. Distinct from  Aboriginal Peoples and cultures, Torres Strait Islanders also value diversity within their own cultural practices, languages, beliefs, and knowledge and material cultures.

Although Aboriginal Peoples and Torres Strait Islanders have distinct cultures and societies, the experiences of dispossession, oppression and disadvantage, as a result of Invasion and colonisation, provides a political bond and shared identity in the modern era..

Queensland Museum Network acknowledges that we have been working on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lands and waters since establishment in 1862. As an organisation, Queensland Museum Network understands the important contribution Aboriginal People and Torres Strait Islanders have made and will continue to make in protecting, preserving and exhibiting the collections in its care. The Queensland Museum and is committed to the process of reconciliation and recognise this will be a period of listening, reflection and change. 

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