Naked Treefrog

The Naked Treefrog, Litoria rubella

Litoria rubella



A widespread species occurring throughout Queensland.  Also found in northern Western Australia, the Northern Territory, northern South Australia and New South Wales.


Lives in open forests, woodlands, heath and disturbed areas.


This species is commonly found in association with human dwellings and is often present in large numbers.


Eggs are laid as small mats on the surface of the water.  Development from egg to small frog takes around 5 weeks.


The call is described as a drawn out, high pitched, repeated `kreeee’.

Similar species:

This species is most similar to Keferstein’s Treefrog, Litoria dentata, and the Buzzing Treefrog, Litoria electrica.  It is distinguished from these species by its call and in having a less patterned back.

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