Striped Rocket Frog

A male Striped Rocket Frog, Litoria nasuta, giving its mating call. The Striped Rocket Frog, Litoria nasuta

Litoria nasuta


The Striped Rocket Frog is moderate-sized, with a pronounced pointed snout and warts and skin folds along its back.  The back is grey to dark brown with longitudinal stripes.  There is a broad dark stripe on the side of the face.  The belly is white and the back of the thigh is yellow with brown stripes.  It grows to 45 mm.


Found across far northern Australia and down the east coast as far south as Gosford, New South Wales.


Lives in open forests, woodlands and grasslands.


A fast, long-legged species that is capable of high jumps.


Breeds in still pools.  The eggs are laid in clumps on the water’s edge.


A clucking call with two distinct sounds - `cluc-cluc-cluc-wek-wek-wek-wek…’

Similar species:

This frog is most similar to Freycinet’s Frog (Litoria freycineti) from south-estern Queensland and northern New South Wales.  Freycinet’s Frog has shorter legs than L. nasuta.

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