Brush-tailed Phascogale

Brush-tailed Phascogale (Phascogale tapoatafa)

Phascogale tapoatafa


Body length 200 mm; tail length 190 mm; weight 180 g. Rat-sized; grey with a black 'bottle-brush' tail. Cat-like teeth; inner 'big' toe on hind foot lacks nail. Female has a poorly developed pouch.

Habitat and Range:

Mostly arboreal. Dry eucalypt forest through to rainforest. Regularly recorded just outside city limits (e.g. Anstead, Moggill, Kenmore, Samford, Keperra.) Closest recent reports from Indooroopilly and Zillmere. Rare; patchy distribution in coastal areas of all mainland states.


Nocturnal. Eats insects and small vertebrates. Similar to Squirrel and Sugar Gliders but has a brushy tail tip and lacks the gliding membrane.


Cats, destruction of large trees with hollows, maybe cane toads.


Poultry, usually throttled and badly gashed about the throat. Droppings are large and pointed (35 mm long by 6 mm wide).

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