Red-necked Wallaby

Red-necked Wallaby (Macropus rufogriseus)

Macropus rufogriseus


Body length 82 cm; tail length 80 cm; weight 15 kg. Weak face stripe; weak to absent thigh stripe; rusty-red shoulders and upper back; rest of body silver tipped with grey.

Habitat and Range:

Dry open forests with some brushy undergrowth, grasslands, roadside verges, paddocks and backyards. Most abundant wallaby. Coastal eastern Australia from Gladstone, Qld south to SA/Vic border and Tas.


Commonly seen early mornings, late evenings feeding along sides of roads. Similar to Black-striped Wallaby.


Creekside and ridge-top clearing, cars and dogs.


Droppings pear-shaped, slightly pointed at broader end (25 mm long by 15 mm long at broadest end).

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