Yellow-footed Antechinus

Antechinus flavipes


Body length 110 mm; tail length 90 mm; weight — male 47 g, female 28 g. Size of a small rat. Flattish, broad head; pointed snout; cat-like teeth; inner 'big' toe on hind foot lacks nail. Colourful — grey head; white eye ring; orange-brown sides, belly, rump and feet; black tail-tip. Broad 'Charlie Chaplin' hind feet. Jerky movements. Poorly developed pouch.

Habitat and Range:

Often in moist bracken, lantana and creek verges, also occurs in dry eucalypt forest. Absent from inner city (closest recent report from Bardon), uncommon elsewhere. From Cooktown, Qld, to Mt Lofty Ranges, SA, and south-western WA.


Mainly nocturnal. Similar to Subtropical Antechinus.




Calls (tssst-tssst,) of nestling young around December–January. Droppings of adults are long, pointed and often tarry, (up to 22 mm by 3 mm wide).

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