Greater Bilby

Macrotis lagotis


Endangered (State) & Vulnerable (Commonwealth)


Background Information

Greater Bilbies used to live in over 70% of mainland Australia.  They are now found only in the Tanami Desert (NT), the Greater Sandy Desert and Gibson Desert (WA) and in south-western Queensland.


Reduction of the Greater Bilby's range (extent of the area in which an animal can be found) has resulted from habitat destruction by cattle and rabbits as well as impact predation by cats, dingoes and foxes.  Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management  researchers are monitoring Greater Bilby burrows now that cattle have been excluded from much of the Bilby's habitat.


Ensure Greater Bilbies survive in areas where they now exist.  Increase the number of populations by translocating Greater Bilbies to suitable areas. In 2005 animals were released into a predator proof fenced 20 square kilometre enclosure at Currawinya National Park. Other sites act as breeding colonies. Control foxes, cats and dingoes.

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