Southern Spotted-tailed Quoll

Dasyurus maculatus maculates


Vulnerable (State), Endangered (Commonwealth)


Southern Spotted-tailed Quolls are disappearing due to the threats of intensive land use and introduced pests.

Background Information

This quoll is a spectacular example of a large carnivorous marsupial that has declined in numbers whenever it has encountered humans. Clearing has removed over 70% of the forests and woodlands in the former range of the Southern Spotted-tailed Quoll in south-eastern Queensland.


Southern Spotted-tailed Quolls may have a ‘territory' of up to 5000 hectares.  There are few areas where such territories exist without Quolls encountering the effects of humans. These effects include habitat loss and fragmentation, disease, competition with foxes and feral cats, poisoning by dingo baits and cane toads and death by shotguns.


Locate all existing populations of Quolls and determine the relevant threatening processes. Reduce habitat loss. Control feral pests. Reduce Quoll deaths due to ‘1080'-type dingo baits. Educate people to ensure quolls are protected on private land. Encourage landowners to build pens to protect their chickens.

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