Diamondback Squid

Diamondback Squid (Thysanoteuthis rhombus)

Thysanoteuthis rhombus

The Diamondback Squid is instantly recognisable by its large size, bright red colouration and distinctive, angular shape (echoed in the specific name ‘rhombus’). The main body can reach 1 metre and with tentacle length combined, the entire animal may be up to 2 metres in overall length. These impressive squid often travel in pairs or small groups, to depths of 50 metres or more, but frequenting surface waters at night to feed – at which time they are often seen by fishermen. Like other squid species, the suckers are each equipped with a ring of ‘teeth’ which strengthen grip on fish prey. Diamondback Squid are fished commercially in certain parts of SE Asia. In 2010, the Queensland Museum acquired a large and very impressive specimen of this species collected in Moreton Bay in only 1m by a local angler.

Almost cosmopolitan: Australia-wide but sporadic.

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