Robust Velvet Gecko

Oedura robusta

(from our Wildlife of Greater Brisbane, 2nd ed. 2007)


  • Head and body length: 8.5cm
  • Total length (including tail): 15cm

Robust Velvet Gecko, Oedura robusta Grey with large, dark-edged, rectangular pale blotches extending from head onto flattened plump tail. Toes expanded to form pads, underside covered with two rows of large plates, including a large circular pair under the tip.


Favours rock-faces and hollows in large, smooth-barked eucalypts, but also thrives in human dwellings.


Common in Brisbane's outer suburbs and surrounding eucalypt woodlands. Mid-eastern Australia.


Common, perhaps most abundant gecko in Brisbane's outer suburbs.


Large colony on Kangaroo Point cliffs.


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