Bulb-Tentacle Anemone

Entacmaea quadricolor

The soft bodied bulb-tentacle anemone (related to the hard corals or hexacorals), is unusual in that they often have a symbiotic (commensal) relationship with an anemone fish. They are found on coral reefs, growing up to 50 mm in size on the tops of reefs, although they may only grow to 400 mm long in deeper waters. They are usually solitary, although sometimes found in clumps, and are attached deeply within crevices or holes in reefs so that only the tentacles can be seen. They have a smooth body column and the tentacles have a bulb at the extreme end of the tip or slightly further back from the tip. They are soft and turgid in the water (like a water-inflated balloon) and move with the currents. Their colour varies from grey-green to brown.

Found throughout the tropics, from East Africa to Hawaii.

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