Red House spider

Nesticodes rufipes, family Theridiidae

Red House spider, Theridiidae, Nesticodes rufipes, female wrapping house fly Female Red House spider wrapping a caught house fly in her web.


These spiders are all red/orange-brown, including their legs, but otherwise look like Redbacks in shape and size.

Length: including legs about 20c piece.


Cosmopolitan, throughout. warmer parts of Australia; family is found worldwide. Habitat: An introduced spider that prefers cooler locations, e.g., cupboards, around houses.


Messy tangled web in corners around cooler locations around houses.


Very painful with pain lasting up to hours but eases after a day, redness and swelling.

Venom is similar in toxicity to Redback but not quite as prolonged a problem.


Breeding year long, no recognisable season of breeding in Queensland.

Remains in web unless disturbed when it falls quickly to the ground on a (safety) dragline.

Main prey: ants and other insects.

Similar species


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