Dr John Healy

Dr John Healy is Curator of Molluscs (Biodiversity Program) at the Queensland Museum and has been actively involved with research on molluscs (malacology) since 1979 when he commenced his Honours studies on mudwhelks and sand creeper snails from Moreton Bay.

John Healy
After obtaining his PhD in 1984 from the University of Queensland, he pursued postdoctoral research on reproduction and taxonomy of molluscs. He won the Annual Award of the Malacological Society of London in 1985 and in 1996 gained his DSc from the University of Queensland in recognition of extensive contributions to biology and taxonomy of molluscs (and other invertebrates).  He has held fellowships at the University of Queensland (including an ARC Senior Research Fellowship), University of Sydney and Queensland Museum and in addition worked both as lecturer and scientific consultant. 

John has contributed numerous papers to scientific journals and co-authored several publications on Australian molluscs with the late Dr Kevin Lamprell, including Bivalves of Australia Volume 2. and the first monograph on the Australian scaphopod (tusk-shell) molluscs.  In 2008 he was the curator appointed to prepare and present the 2009 Queensland Museum exhibition ‘Charles Darwin: Reluctant Revolutionary’ (February to November 2009).

His current collaborative research projects include:

  • reproduction, cell ultrastructure and evolution in marine bivalve molluscs (as part of the international collaborative Tree of Life Project funded by the National Science Foundation, USA, through the Field Museum, Chicago)
  • reproduction and evolutionary relationships in volute marine snails
  • reproduction and evolutionary relationships in vermetid (worm) snails
  • the documentation of the molluscan diversity in southeast Queensland (in particular that of the Moreton Bay region).

Areas of Expertise

Identification of Australian and foreign molluscs, especially marine.


Curator of Biodiversity (Marine Invertebrates – Mollusca), Mollusca Section, Biodiversity Program


BSc (Hons 1), PhD, DSc (Univ QLD)

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