Wendy Hebron

Wendy began data capture under R:Base in Arachnology at the Museum with no previous training. In hours when the database was being changed, repaired or the input program modified, Wendy learnt how to identify many genera of spiders and learnt the collection management system in the Museum.

Wendy Hebron

She has co-authored a number of papers and participated in a number of external consultancies involving spider identifications.

She shares collection management duties with the Collection manager and continues, through external funding, to provide excellent illustrations of spiders and their genitalia.

Wendy's latent artistic skills were long untapped until we noted her excellent pencil renditions of complex highly 3-dimensional parts of the spiders. From that ,with some guidance, she developed into one of our best arachnological illustrators, able to render male pedipalps and female epigynes with great aplomb. But soon we also realised her ability to reconstruct the posture of the living spider from the preserved specimens and one of these is the front cover of a publication in the Novitates of the American Museum of Natural History, New York.


Assistant Collection Manager & Research Assistant, Arachnology, Biodiversity Program


Long experience in collection management, identification of spiders and illustration

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