Marine Life of the Kimberley Region

Photo of diver Dr M. Schlacher and soft corals

Queensland Museum teams up with the Western Australian Museum in a three-year marine biodiversity research program. The project will explore the marine biodiversity of the inshore Kimberley and associated continental shelf coral atolls.

The information derived from this project will have significant relevance for planning a sustainable future for the Kimberley region.

Visit the Marine Life of the Kimberley Region website

Live Action

When the Western Australian Museum goes exploring and cataloguing the remote waters of the Kimberley region, you can be with us in real time.

Our researchers will be taking advanced satellite equipment that will allow us to stream interviews and footage directly to our website in real time.

Some of the areas we will be exploring are some of the most remote and unexplored parts of the world, and through this technology you will get to experience what a real, frontier scientific study is like, and what happens during these studies.

Not everyone can be a marine biologist, however, from 16 October you can join us as we explore a region of the world that very few humans have ever seen, and where undiscovered species and unique life lies around every turn.

Visit the Marine Life of the Kimberley Region live action website.



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Monika Schlacher-Hoelinger

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