After visiting the museum

Reflection and debrief about the visit

Provide an opportunity for students and adult helpers to reflect on and debrief about the visit: what they liked, what was visited, the itinerary, the pre-visit activities and information and more.

Comparing new and old knowledge

  • About the Museum - Discuss students’ understanding and expectations about the Museum before the visit and how that compares to their understanding after the visit.
  • About an exhibit, object, person, feeling or belief - Discuss something new that students may have found out during their visit and discuss how that differs to what they knew or believed before the visit.

Follow up and further investigation

  • Use post visit activities suggested for some of our exhibitions and in our resources section.
  • Ask each group to report on one activity they completed (if activities had been set for the visit).
  • Encourage the groups to comment on their findings and discuss any questions, differing views, favourite exhibits, objects or stories.
  • Report their answers to questions formulated during discussions and activities before they visited.
  • Conduct further investigation or debate any issues that arise in discussions after their visit.
  • Loan objects or specimens from Education Loans to assist student investigation or to create a Museum exhibition.
  • Research questions by seeking information on the Museum website.
  • Use their findings to write information reports, newspaper articles, create a webpage or digital story or make a presentation.
  • Collate the information gathered at the Museum into a class booklet.
  • Make posters, models or create a museum exhibit or exhibition and invite other classes to visit your museum.